Please read carefully!


We suggest you read through the instructions before

gathering your supplies, as you may not need everything


For example if all of your items are on hangers,

you won't need Ziploc bags.



  • Cardstock paper (please use white)

  • Cable ties, string, or ribbon

  • Safety pins (NO stick pins)

  • Ziploc bags

  • Clear packing tape

  • Masking tape or painter's tape

  • Hangers (these will not be returned to you)


Cable ties can be found in the electrical section of Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or Lowes and sometimes at the Dollar Store.

Most dry cleaners give away wire hangers.  Sometimes clothing stores will give a few hangers to customers.


Tagging & Pricing


White cardstock can be bought by the ream at office supply stores or by the sheet at FedEx Kinkos.  Please use white cardstock.

The tags will print 8 to a page.

When printing your tags using the COMPUTERIZED TAGGING SYSTEM, print using "Normal" or "Draft" quality.  (Avoid "best" quality because the barcode tends to bleed).


You decide what to price your items.  Please price items in increments of $1 (for example, $3.00 or $4.00, not $3.10 or $3.75).  You will sell more items if you price to sell.  Please double check all tags for accuracy.  We will not be responsible for mistagged or mispriced tags, incomplete tags, or items without tags.


Punch a hole in the top of the tag and use a cable tie, string, or ribbon to attach it through the garment's sewn-in label, a button-hole, or belt loop.  Or you may use a safety pin to attach the tag to the right side of the item (as it faces you on the hanger). It is always best to secure tag to safety pin or cable tie with packing tape so it is not ripped off accidently during the sale.


For items that will have a price tag attached directly to item with only tape please use masking or painter's tape.  Packing tape can damage items.  Attach the tag by taping across the blank part of the tag.  The tags may be removed at check-out.  Please do not tape over the barcode.


Please prepare all of your tags according to these instructions.  This makes it easy for shoppers and easy for us to ensure you get credit for all of your sales!  If you have any questions please e-mail us


TEL: 323-844-3976



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