Frequently Asked Question about Consigning:
Why sell your items at LA SPORT SWAP?

Sell your items quickly without worrying about inviting people to your

home.  Less hassle than listing/ selling/ shipping items. Earn 80% of sales

and sell multiple items easily. You do not have to be present at the sale to

sell your items. You tag them at home, drop them off to us, and we do the



What can you sell?

We take almost all types of sporting goods as long as they are in clean

and in good working condition. (no weapons, hunting gear or knives):

  • Winter Sports

  • Water Sports

  • Cycling 

  • Skate

  • Golf 

  • Fitness

  • Books & DVDs

  • Scuba

  • Team Sports 

  • Camping and Outdoors

  • Fitness and so much more...

  • Large items need to be pre-approved (Space is limited)


How much can you earn?

All consignors earn 80% of their items that sell. There is not cost to you if your items do not sell.


Do I get special access to the sales event?

Consigners get special access to some events 


What happens to my unsold items?

Consignors may take back any of their items that do not sell. If you do not want to take back your items, we will donate all or some of your unsold items to charity. Pick up of unsold items will be on Sunday after the sale closes.  Register for your pick-up time online.  


How do I become a consignor?

In order to consign, you need to register. You will be able to start listing inventory right away.  You can read through the online instructions to assist you.  


How do I tag my items?

Once you have registered and receive your Consignor #, you can begin tagging your items. Click here to find out more about how to tag, hang, tape, etc. your items before bringing them to the sale.  

Here are the top highlights:

  • All clothing must be washed and hung on wire hangers and sorted by size and gender before coming to the sale.

  • Each item must have a product information tag attached to it.

  • You will enter your items into the computer and print out bar-coded tags on sturdy paper at home (lost items are usually a result of poor tagging).

  • We want to ensure that all the products at the sale are clean and in working order or we cannot accept them. 


Who sets the prices?

Each consignor chooses how he or she want to price their items. The lower you price your items, the better they will sell.  The price on your tag is what it will be sold for, however, the last day of the sale is the 50% off sale day.  It is up to you as the consignor to decide if you would like your items to be  discounted on that day. When making your product tags online, you may choose which, if any, items you would like to be discounted (once you drop off your items you can not change price or discount option).


When do I bring my items to the sale?

Upon registering, you will also need to sign up for a drop-off appointment to bring your items to the sale. Drop-off is typically the day before the sale starts. Drop-off should only take you about 10-15 minutes dependng on how much you are consigning. We will inspect all the items you bring to make sure there are no stains, damage, rips, tears, and that all items are working.  If you have already registered CLICK HERE to sign up now for drop off.


What happens to unsold items?

You must pick up any unsold items on Sunday after the sale is over. Log in to check your inventory of sold and unsold items from previous days.  You will be responsible for locating all your unsold items from the sales racks that you wish to keep (please bring your inventory printout along with your ID to verify your items at the checkout).  If you do not want to or are not able to pickup your items by this time, your items will be donated to charity.  You must decide to donate or not to donate each item when making your product tags online. Donated items will be pulled right away after the event to help clear the floor.


When do I get paid?

Consignor checks are mailed to you within 1 week after the sale. Check online to see what items sold.


If you have questions about consigning please email  If you have questions about our volunteer program contact  Any other questions please contact



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